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Hello. I’m Kage, a freelance web designer who specializes in web design, web development and SEO. I build websites that are intuitive, adaptive to different devices, and stunning in design. I enjoy browsing through numerous designs and thematic styles from different websites and products for inspiration and find the evolving state of interactive websites particularly fascinating as I try my best to emulate them.

In my free time, I keep up to date with changes on internet marketing and have started experimenting with search engine optimization as its role is becoming significantly more important in the ever-so-crowded world of the internet. Knowledgeable in html5, css, php, wordpress, photoshop, javascript and SEO, I will be more than happy to help you out where I can. Just drop me a message and let’s get started!

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

-- Charles Eames --

Let me help you with any of the following services.

Web Design

Looking for a website that looks good, feels great to use, and gets your message across the way you want it? Our web designs are built around that motto. We don’t just make a site just for the purpose of doing so, we make it so it pops and entices your audience.

Web Development

Develop an ecommerce website to sell your products or a content management system (CMS) so you can update your site with new articles without needing to know HTML. Your completed site can then be hosted on either our web host or yours.


Depending on how you want your audience to remember you, we brainstorm to come up with suggestions for your brand identity. So whether you want a new logo for your company, a fancy business name card, or any other stationeries, we will ensure your branding is not only consistent but clear.


We tweak your site and point others in your direction in order to get your website easily searchable and noticed by your target audience. If you want your company to appear more trustworthy and are looking for a high return on investment (ROI) as part of your marketing efforts, this is the one for you.

Professional websites from just $1488.

Web Design

Turn your visitors into customers today

Web Design

Establish your brand the right way

It is a known fact that websites help reinforce brand recognition. When a user interacts with your site, they aren’t just looking to find a list of products and services, they’re also looking for the experience that comes with your brand. Very much like an extension of your shop, this online version should be designed to fit your brand and your theme. We work with you to pick the right look and feel for your site to give that extra oomph to your product.

Proper user experience (UX) design for happy customers

Building an intuitive interface is one of the key elements to a successful website. It is also one of the factors your customers will judge your brand on based on their experience with your site. Whether it is an informational site or an ecommerce site for them to make a purchase, we do our best to keep your navigation as simple and accessible as possible so your users will never have to hunt for a specific page again.

User Interface
Responsive Web Design

Don't forget your mobile users

With the overwhelming surge in smartphone and tablets, surfing on devices of different sizes has become a major consideration for some business owners. A website with a great viewing experience on a desktop can be nightmarish on a smartphone with tiny links and characters.


Enter responsive design. Your website adapts to the different screen sizes by changing its form. Text and images remain visible without the need for zooming in, and the interface is built for easy access using just your thumbs. The concept of placing content on your website for a single browsing resolution is becoming a thing of the past. If you're expecting your audience to visit your site on their tablets and smartphones, this is a must have for you.

SEO services at just $348/mth.

Search Engine Optimization

Build loyalty and trust with better search rankings

Improve your rankings with on & off-site optimization

Search engine rankings doesn’t just happen overnight. There’s an algorithm used to calculate which sites should rank higher than others. With our specialized SEO tools and methods, you can be sure your website will climb the ranks to become visible at page 1.


For this to happen, we use a two-pronged approach – on site optimization and off site. With the former, we study your existing site and make minor tweaks that will help boost your site’s performance. With off-site optimization, we look for the best and most appropriate links and channel them towards your site. This makes it easier for your audience to find you on Google.

Singapore SEO
SEO Copywriting

Copywriting that's friendly to visitors and search engines

One unique aspect of our service, if you opt in on our SEO & web design package, is we help you build your site from the ground up around SEO. Google is increasingly upping the weightage for quality content produced for users, it has become imperative that you write content that is both search engine-friendly and can still convince your visitors to buy your product.


By engaging in SEO copywriting, we help you find keywords Google uses to determine relevancy for your niche. And we help you structure your content around this so it makes sense for both search engines and users alike. With an optimized site for high-converting keywords, you can expect greater sales and more traffic to your site.

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  • We took up the website offer cause his price was very reasonable and the result was a lot better than I would have expected. I would say we got a bargain for the quality of the site produced.

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